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Sunergia 2013 – Alumni Newsletter

Glad to Meet you all once again through this alumni newsletter! This annual alumni newsletter, “SUNERGIA 2013” enumerates the various activities of the RMKEC Alumni Association. This is the fifth issue of our newsletter, “SUNERGIA 2013”, which means “working together”. We RMKians Come Together, Keep Together and Work Together through this newsletter.

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18th Alumni Meet Annual Report



  1. RMKEC Alumni Association was formed on 12th may 2002 by the passed out students of RMK Engineering College. It is governed by an elected body of members, which consists of a president, a vice-president, a secretary, a Treasurer and 7 office bearers. Election is conducted during the annual general body meeting.
  2. This association has a group ID and fresh alumni members are inducted into the group every year. More than 400 active members are present in the group. Valuable information regarding higher studies and job opportunities are being shared by the members.
  3. RMKEC Alumni Association meetings are conducted twice a year, one on the graduation day at the college premises and another on second Sunday in the month of October/November at Hotel Breeze.
  4. Association has a Joint account operable by the secretary and the treasurer in the name of RMKEC Alumni Association at IOB, Kavaraipettai.
  5. An online newsletter “SUNERGIA” of the RMKEC Alumni Association is published every year, in which reports of the recent happenings, developments of our college, and achievements of present and future alumni members are posted.
  6. A “Distinguished Alumni Award” was institutionalized to recognize the contributions & achievements of the alumni members. The first award was given to the first batch alumni, Mr.Ratnakar Rao, 1999/ECE.
  7. Alumni website created by Er.Jagadeesh/2010/ECE is linked with the college website. Information regarding present job opportunities, academic requirements, recent trends in the field of engineering, higher studies guidance, etc., is posted in the website.
  8. “RMKEC Alumni Association Best Project award” is awarded for the final year students of all the departments from 2011.
  9. “RMKEC Alumni Achiever Award” is awarded to the alumni for their exemplary contribution to the institution.
  10. RMK Alumnus visits the college campus regularly to enlighten their juniors with the knowledge and experience they have acquired. An appreciation certificate is given to the alumni who visit our campus to give guest lectures from last year.
  11. An “Enterpreneur Cell’, initiated by our alumni was launched in the month of November 2012.

It is also proposed to initiate alumni chapters in different parts of our country.

We invite your valuable suggestions to improve on the alumni activities.