Laudable Laurels – Sunergia 2013

 1. Er.Vaidyanathan Narayanan, 2007/EEE was awarded the “Bravo Bronze Award” for securing the first ever EPC (Energy Performance Contract) project in the API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) space at DRL (Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories Limited).


  1. Mr. A Santhoshkumar,2000/EEE, working as a Senior Manager (Unit R & D Head) at ALSTOM T&D INDIA Ltd, GIS R&D Competence Centre, Chennai, is promoted as a Member of the EEE Advisory Committee of National Engineering College, Kovilpaatti.
  2. Er.Mahesh babu, 2012/ CSE was awarded the “Google App Engine Award” for his “Cloud Computing Project”! His team was described as the SilverLining team of researchers and students from the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science. They were one of the seven worldwide recipients of the first-ever Google App Engine Research Award for innovative academic and scientific research expected to the benefit society to a greater extent, under the guidance ofDr. Lawrence Chung. The Google App Engine Research Award will allow this SilverLining team to use Google cloud computing infrastructure to verify that their benchmarking and simulation project results are viable in the real world. The research started in 2010 with funding from a National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) to determine whether the promises of cloud computing can be met.

2 Mahesh Babu with Dr.Lawrence Chung

  1. Er. Arul Priya. A , 2012/IT was awarded with the “ILP Kudos award” in appreciation of her Consistent demonstration of performance of the Highest Order, by TCS.

3       5. Er.Hemanth Kumar.M.V., 2012/IT was awarded with the “Certificate   of  Appreciation” for his excellent contribution to Informatico Production support, jointly by his employer HCL- Technologies&Client, SHIRE-Pharmaceuticals.

4.6. Mr. GaneshKumar/MCA was awarded with the “ILP Kudos award” in appreciation of her Consistent demonstration of performance of the Highest Order, by TCS.

5.7. Mr. Prabhakaran.L/MCA was awarded with the “Star of the Learners Group” in appreciation of her Persistent Exemplary Contribution& Being an inspiring Role Model for the Learners Group, by TCS.

68. Er.Arul Karthik, 2011/ECE started his career as a Project Engineer at Wipro VLSI. Though he got an offer from the renowned software concerns, he had set a higher goal to achieve. As rightly said by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail!” And Arul Karthik, our RMK Alumnus wanted to create his own footprints for others to follow! Never to mention that he became an assert to his concern, as that is the style of all RMKians! But that is not the end of the story; it’s just the beginning of an epoch.He got an offer from the globally acclaimed VLSI concern, the colossal Qualcomm, at Singapore! So the world is in need of the service of our RMK Alumnus! And we are sure that Qualcomm would reach greater heights with Arul Karthik on board! He is also an active social worker, who visits the needy people along with his team! RMKians always Rocks!

7 Er.Arul karthik, 2011/ECE

  1. Er.P.K.Hari, 2009/ECE never knew that in a few years, he would become an Entrepreneur when he joined as a “System Configuration Analyst” with AonHewitt – A Global Consulting and Outsourcing Firm. But as we all know RMK Alumnus are embedded with Discipline, which is the bridge between goals and accomplishment, this RMK Alumnus wanted to try something challenging in search of his goal to accomplish something which would give him satisfaction! Hari reallocated himself to work as a”Project Head at Verdure Books” and took up the challenging task of building the Publication company both online and offline and enjoyed meeting the challenge with a great &enviable victory. Hari having found his goal, broadened his horizon and decided to create jobs, instead of hunting for one. In just a span of 2 years from his graduation, he became the Co-Founder & Director of Blu Dacnis Business Solutions Private Limited. Blu Dacnis Business solutions is a Digital Media Marketing Company based out in Chennai.He is also the Core Team Member at Headstart Network, Chennai – A pan India Entrepreneurship network. Through Headstart Network he built a well established entrepreneur community in Chennai & he started Mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs. RMKians create not just jobs, but job creators! He even started an “Entrepreneur Cell at RMK” for his juniors and mentors his juniors amidst his busy schedule! RMKians know their social responsibility! So Hari founded the Colour India Movement (CIM), which is a Young bunch of IT people giving career guidance for rural Students.As quoted by Albert Einstein, ”Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value!”. Thus the”Best Business Idea Award” was awarded by DARE magazine in the year 2009, to Hari in recognition of his values&accomplishments!


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