15th Alumni Meet – Minutes of Meeting

The 15th alumni meet of the RMKEC Alumni Association was held on 13th November 2011 at Hotel Breeze, Poonamalle High Road. The following is the minutes of meeting of the 15th alumni meet:

1.    Er.C.Gopalakrishna, President of the RMKEC Alumni Association welcomed the gathered Alumni and all the invitees.

2.    Er.D.Jothi, Secretary of the RMKEC Alumni Association presented the following annual report of the association:

2.1           RMKEC Alumni Association was formed on 12th may 2002 by the passed out students of RMK Engineering College. It is governed by an elected body of members, which consists of a president, a vice-president, a secretary, a Treasurer and 7 office bearers. Election is conducted during the annual general body meeting.

2.2           This association has a group ID and fresh alumni members are inducted into the group every year. More than 400 active members are present in the group. Valuable information regarding higher studies and job opportunities are being shared by the members.

2.3           RMKEC Alumni Association meetings are conducted twice a year, one on the graduation day at the college premises and another on second Sunday in the month of October/November at Hotel Breeze.

2.4           Association has a Joint account operable by the secretary and the treasurer in the name of RMKEC Alumni Association at IOB, Kavaraipettai.

2.5           An online newsletter “SUNERGIA” of the RMKEC Alumni Association is published every year, in which reports of the recent happenings, developments of our college, and achievements of present and future alumni members are posted.

2.6           A “Distinguished Alumni Award” was institutionalized to recognize the contributions & achievements of the alumni members. The first award was given to the first batch alumni, Mr.Ratnakar Rao, 1999/ECE.

2.7           Alumni website created by Er.Jagadeesh/2010/ECE is linked with the college website. Information regarding present job opportunities, academic requirements, recent trends in the field of engineering, higher studies guidance, etc., is posted in the website.

2.8           “RMKEC Alumni Association Best Project award” is awarded for the final year students of all the departments from 2011.

2.9           “RMKEC Alumni Achiever Award” is awarded to the alumni for their exemplary contribution to the institution.

2.10     RMK Alumnus visits the college campus regularly to enlighten their juniors with the knowledge and experience they have acquired.

2.11     Two Scholarships are awarded by the ECE and Mechanical Alumnus for the students.

She also invited suggestions from the alumni to improve on the alumni activities and thanked the alumni for their active involvement. Also she requested the alumni to come and share their experiences and memories on the stage.

3.    Er.Sreenivas/2002/EEE, Enterpreneur, Galaxy Education Consultant for ICICI, HDFC, etc., expressed his happiness to meet all his faculty and friends after a long time. He thanked Dr.Geetha mam and Ms.M.S.Kavitha mam for all their efforts & guidance because of which he has reached such a stage in life and could share the stage with Dr.Rangaraja, our former vice principal in one of the occasions.He also assured that he would be an active alumni member.

4.    Er.Ranjan/2010/CE thanked Gopal & all the other organizers for the wonderful gathering and the oppurtunity provided. He expressed his happiness to see so many university ranks from RMK. He also said that he did his PG in PSG, Coimbatore, but compared to PSG, RMK is better in teaching, guidance and placement. Though he is a Tamil medium student, because of the training he got for improving his communication skills & the knowledge he acquired in RMK, he could become the class representative, placement representative, etc., at PSG. He thanked everyone for the same.

5.    Er.Suhail/2010/ECE said that he is proud that he belongs to RMK and expressed his happiness about the ranks acquired by RMK and RMD.

6.    Mr.Alexander, Prof/Civil expressed his happiness to witness a large gathering. He said that though Civil Engineering is the youngest department in RMK, it’s the wonder kid which got second rank in chennai by Hindu. He stated all the newances in the department such as the consultancy works undertaken and invited organizations in which the alumni are working for the same. He wished the alumni all the best.

7.    Dr.K.L.Shanmuganathan, HOD/CSE stated the department activities like the total number of Ph.D scholars in the department, placements, 2 national workshops & 1 national conference conducted by the department and the number of university ranks acquired by their students. He also invited the alumni to contact Prof.Somasundaram to enroll in “SPIN”.

8.    Dr.R.Sivakumar, HOD/ECE said that ECE students have acquired 12 university ranks and he congratulated & appreciated the rank holders. He stated that nearly 100 final year students are already placed. He invited the alumni to interact with the juniors and thanked the alumni for all their involvement. He wished them all the best in their lives.

9.    Dr.Geetha Ramdos, HOD/EEE stated the number of university ranks obtained by the department and the number of placements. She informed that the second and final year EEE students have become members of the technical society. She expressed her happiness and said that it is a cherishable moment for her to meet so many batch students.

10.           Dr.K.Vijaya, HOD/IT said that she is also an alumnus of RMK since she did her PG at RMK. She also stated the number of university ranks obtained by the department and that almost all the eligible final year IT students got placed. She also said that as ECE HOD said the alumni should interact with their juniors because only with the help of the alumni, the departments can grow in a better way.

11.           Dr.K.R.SenthilKumar, HOD/Mech expressed his happiness and said that almost all the eligible final year Mech students got placed. He said that the department has conducted a 2 day workshop and an international conference. He invited the alumni to participate in the forthcoming conferences and conveyed best wishes on behalf of the department.

12.           Dr.Prema Sankaran, HOD/MBA said that it is her privelege to address the alumni gathering. She invited the alumni to share their experiences and move forward to a new horizon. She stated about the projects undertaken by the department & their fundings, new tie ups, university ranks and placements. She said that she was very happy to meet all the MBA alumni.

13.           Dr.N.M.Elango, HOD/MCA said that all the eligible students got placed. He also stated that the department has got the best IBM center of excellence and about 90% of the students are IBM certified professionals. He informed that moving cloud computing is in the campus. He thanked the alumni for their amazing support and presence.

14.           Prof.Mohamed Juniad, HOD/EIE & VP said that he was proud to congratulate the bright RMK alumni for bringing laurels. He stated the total number of university ranks won by the RMK family and the placement record. He praised the 2011 batch for the laurels brought by them. He also listed the university ranks obtained by the EIE students. He said that the college has received a grant of Rs.7 lakh from AICTE for staff development programme. He also stated about the department activities. He also said that in all the forthcoming department activities like guest lectures, etc., the chief guest of the EIE functions would be an alumnus.

15.           Dr.K.Chandrasekaran, Dean said that they are all very proud of all the alumni. He requested the support of all the alumni in increasing the participation of the alumni in the alumni meets and other activities. He also said that the alumni association should become a legal entity by going for registration.

16.           Dr.Elwin Chandra Monie, Principal said thathe is amazed by the praises brought by the alumni from various quarters of the concerns. He insisted that the alumni should stay in touch with their juniors. He wished all the alumni a good life and career.

17.           Thiru Yalamanchi Pradeep, Secretary, RMK welcomed all the alumni. He expressed his happiness to see the successful businessmen, enterpreneurs, etc., He congatulated the association for growing in number. He also congratulated Er.Jagadeesh for creating the alumni website. On behalf of the institution he said that they are all very proud of every one of the alumni. He said that alumni are the key pillars of successful RMK. He also said that the RMK network would soon be very strong and connected in coming days. He expressed his desire to hear more about the success of the RMK Alumni. He invited the alumni to the campus to help the college to grow to greater heights.

18.           Dr.M.S.Palanisamy, former Vice-Chancellor, TNOU, Chennai, welcomed the gathering and thanked for the oppurtunity to share & gather. He said that he is an alumnus of IIT Madras and PSG. He said that alumni should come together for their own improvement and for Industry-Institution interaction. He sais that the alumni can be a motivation to their juniors and small projects from their industries could be given to their juniors.

19.           Thiru.R.S.Munirathinam, Founder-Chairman addressed the gathering. He thanked all his beloved alumni for their constant support in the growth of the institution. He conveyed his thanks to all the governing council members for their co-operation and involvement. He said that the key to the success of RMK is its alumni. He also said that the reason for the growth in the placement records is also the alumni. He said that though the first few batches of RMK had lesser facilities, they are the foundation of RMK, who brought laudable laurels. He also said that the RMK alumni family has grown to an international realm. He promised that he will do all that is possible for him to do to the welfare of the students and he requested the alumni enterpreneurs to come up with projects for their juniors. He siad that RMK is in one of the top 10 positions because of its alumni. He blessed all the efforts of the alumni to achieve fame and make their parents, teachers and college proud.

20.           The following members were elected unanimously for the RMKEC Alumni Association governing council:

The list of the elected body of members of RMKEC Alumni Association

President                             :


[email protected]

[email protected]

Contact Number: 9445165030

Vice President                     :

Mr. Kamalakannan, 2002/ECE

[email protected]

Contact Number: 9600077087

Treasurer                             :

Mr. Bharath Boppudi.V.K, 2006/ECE

[email protected]

Contact Number: 9176529789

Secretary                             :

Ms. D.Jothi, 1999/ECE

[email protected]

Contact Number: 98401 28833

Office bearers                     :

1. Ms. K.Selvi, 2006/ME/CSE

[email protected]

Contact Number: 044-26183020


2. Mr. S.Kumaresan, 2007/ME/VLSI

[email protected]

Contact Number: 9789961751


3. Ms. M.S.Kavitha, 2007/ME/AE

[email protected]

Contact Number: 9884560247


4. Mr. K.Vijayanand, 2002/ECE

[email protected]

Contact Number: 9444137042


5. Mr. K.Chidambara Thanu, 2006/ME/CSE

[email protected]

Contact Number: 9840978088


6. Mr. G.Mahendran, 1999/Mech

[email protected]

Contact Number: 9962034655


7. Mr. Ankur Guptha, 2007/ECE

[email protected]

Contact Number: 8754408750


21.           Er.S.Selvi, 2006/ME (CSE), GC Member, proposed the vote of thanks. The meeting was concluded by thanking the chair.



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